Science Group (1) visit Tram Headquarters

Fourteen members of Science Group One visited the headquarters of the Nottingham Tram on Thursday, 28th June. It was a hot day but the members were delighted to visit the HQ.

We arrived on time to be greeted by a member of the Tram staff who was extremely friendly, which turned out to be the order of the day. We were shown into what can only be described as a quite large Board Room where we were given a presentation about the tram network, the internal management structure, the interview process to become a driver (which was very intense and sounded quite complicated) and the monitoring and safety arrangements for passengers. Our members were then allowed to ask questions to glean more information. This proved to be quite an informative session. Apparently there are 37 drivers in total and only two spare trams at any one time. There is no statutory limit as to how many passengers can travel on one tram at a time, unlike other modes of transport. If you are involved in an emergency and you are near a tram station you can use the emergency facilities at the station to request assistance even if you are not using the tram.

After the group session we were split into several smaller groups to tour the building and use the tram simulators. Each simulator monitored the performance of a trainee, which was an interesting exercise for the members. It showed how new drivers were trained to operate the trams. We were then each given a printout of our own performance.

The visit to the main control room was fascinating. It was very reassuring that each tram station was monitored at all times of the day and night. It was very reminiscent of a NASA launch control room with large TV screens covering one wall.

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