News from the Choir

Our apologies for our absence from the Showcase. We missed it and regretted being unable to participate in the event which we usually enjoy, and where we hope to entertain members. Unfortunately, our Musical Director had been absent since September, and we only learned in November that she would not be returning before Christmas. We had been treading water, anticipating her return at every meeting, until we learned she would not be returning before at least January. Sadly, Christine has since resigned, her injury is improving only very slowly and she cannot see the possibility of returning in the near future.

Many thanks to the two wonderful people who responded to our request for an accompanist, had we been able to sing at the Showcase. Thank you both, it was an amazing response to a request at one meeting. Ultimately, we weren’t ready to perform satisfactorily, so were unable to take up either offer, but we do appreciate their willing generosity (and I’m holding on to their contact details!).

Thankfully, Margaret, our accompanist, is willing to carry on with both roles for the time being, she is already looking toward this years Showcase, so hopefully we can now progress.

Our apologies and thanks again. To contact the group leader, please use the form below:-

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