Committee Corner

Minutes of the Emergency Executive Committee meeting held at the home of the Business Secretary at 2.00pm on Tuesday March 17th 2020.

Barrie Saunders Chairman
Siobhan Lee Interest Group Co-ordinator / Vice Chair
Mark Jackson Business Secretary
Philip Attenborough Equipment Manager
Christine Berrill Treasurer
Dianne White Member
Diane Heenan Member

1 Apologies were received from the following,

Sandra Green Minutes Secretary
Maggie Huckerby Speaker Seeker /Vice Chair
Marguerite Hodkinson Membership Secretary
Angela Cornish Webmaster
David Rose Short Courses Organiser

2 All Committee Members agreed to hold the meeting at short notice

3 Barrie explained the meeting was called in view of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. It was felt that a decision needed to be made regarding the suspension of U3A activities to ensure a consistent approach.

After a discussion it was decided that all activities would be suspended until further notice. This would include outdoor activities such as cycling and walking.

4 There are around seventy members without an email address so the committee agreed to telephone these members to let them know the situation.

5 It was suggested that Interest Group Leaders use the Newsletter and Website to keep some contact with members.

6 The meeting closed at 2.50 pm

Members thanked Mark for hosting the meeting.

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