Committee Corner

Meeting held at the John Godber Centre on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018.

Arrangements were confirmed for the Showcase to be held on Wednesday, December 12th.

A budget planning meeting was planned for February 6th 2019

A second projector for use by Interest Groups is to be purchased.

A second computer was available from the Treasurer who does not now need to use it.

It was agreed to share the cost of a Sound System with the Social Sub-committee.

Proposed New Short courses on topics including Dementia and three films set around the work of Alan Sillitoe would be viewed and discussed in the New Year.

The Membership Secretary spoke about the use of Beacon and showed members the new membership cards.

The Business Secretary gave a presentation on the Beacon system.

Our Speaker’s Secretary gave notice of her intention to leave the post in 2020.

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