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January isn’t usually a cheerful, sunny month, and the one just past was no exception, although it was brightened in our home by tuneful and kind choir members. David celebrated a birthday, and I had arranged a Ring and Sing call for him, so on the day left him to answer the ‘phone when it rang. On being told it was someone from the choir he began to call for me, then stopped. I saw him begin to smile, as presumably they began to sing the greeting, and by the end of the call he was beaming. He was full of praise for the singer, and I was pleased that he had enjoyed it, if a little surprised at the extent of his pleasure.

However, I appreciated how he felt a few days later, when my own birthday occurred. I organize the Ring and Sing requests, so a surprise call couldn’t be arranged for me, instead, I explained my predicament in one of my regular emails to choir members, and invited calls from anyone who would like to Ring and Sing on the day. What a great group our choir is, several members responded, and it was super. Family singalongs always occur and are appreciated, but I couldn’t tell you quite how nice it was to pick up the ‘phone and be surprised by cheerfully sung birthday wishes instead of someone trying to sell me something.

One of the singers gave me her details and a request, so I shall arrange a happy call for her too. I recommend it, I can’t recommend it enough, it is surprisingly cheering and pleasing, and had me smiling all day. Feel free to request a call for someone, or treat yourself. (You would need to know that the recipient wouldn’t mind you divulging their telephone number or birthday) The request form is on the website under ‘Choir’.

Just February to get through now, then it’s Spring! Spring! Spring! (Oh, the barnyard is busy …)The bulbs are shooting and growing fast, it won’t be long before we can sing all the lovely Spring songs. Continue to take care everyone, the vaccine doesn’t provide immunity, it only gives us some protection from Covid, stay in good health, then hopefully we’ll see each other at our u3a meetings at some time in the future.

Cheers, Christine.

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I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas, in whatever way you celebrated. We opted out of a family gathering, so spent it quietly at home, thankful for Facetime enabling us to see and chat safely to our loved ones, and admire all the gifts our grandchildren received. I imagine a few of us did the same thing.

There was a little interaction over the festive season though. Thanks to Rose (really, many thanks, Rose) the choir were able to present our usual floral token of thanks to our accompanist and musical director, Margaret. I had been concerned as to how we may manage it this year (I’m going nowhere, so felt reluctant about asking it of someone else) but Rose agreed right away, and to taking a photo’ to mark the event, and you can see from the super photo’ she provided that we were, as usual, able to express our thanks with flowers. Thank you for all your efforts, Margaret.

All good wishes for a happy and peaceful 2021.’

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Sadly, for the second consecutive year the choir won’t be performing for the u3a at Christmas. From last Summer our poor musical director suffered a string of accidents and ill health which eventually forced her to resign, we didn’t have time to practise and reach an appropriate standard in time for the u3a Christmas celebrations. It was a source of regret to us all. As well as the pleasure of feeling we were able to make a contribution, we enjoy performing, it gives us something to work toward, and the satisfaction of achieving something together.

We looked forward to this year, and at the time no-one could have suspected, or believed, that we would now be in the current situation! However, the news is good, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. We have hope that we’ll make it next year, when this year may just be a distant memory of a horrid experience we coped with, and survived.

In the meantime, stay safe. Happy Christmas everyone, and all good wishes for a peaceful and happy new year. ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light….’

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I should have liked the choir to be able to meet on Zoom, perhaps to sing together, even if it couldn’t be properly coordinated. Optimistically, I attended the Zoom meeting for group leaders, or those hoping to host a meeting, and learned it couldn’t reasonably happen. I should have realized, as obviously only one person can properly be heard at a time. It seems our only hope would be to have meetings with, in effect, a soloist and a muted backing group! I’m sorry to say to the few who responded expressing an interest, that it isn’t going to happen. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sing alone, or indeed appear to fellow choir members to be miming! (previously, it has cruelly been suggested that some members have mimed over difficult bits, but that couldn’t be true, I don’t believe it and shouldn’t want it to appear that way).

We’ll wait, practise at home and sing with much more energy when we finally get together again. With that in mind, and to enable us to actually remember songs in our repertoire, can I remind members that some of us will be practising, alone, ‘All That Jazz’ on 4th November, a usual meeting date, at or around our usual time of 1.30 pm if they want to join us, and of course, anyone else is welcome. If you know it, join in, you can pretend to be Catherine Zeta Jones, and consider yourself a choir member for the duration.

As I write this it has been announced that Nottingham will be in Tier 3 from Thursday, although by the time you read this I assume it will be a well-established fact. Not cheering, but nothing we can’t cope with. Our parents and grandparents went through a war, some through two, for prolonged periods with little or no control over whether they lived or died, to some extent we have choices. Do make use of our Ring and Sing service if it helps, I intend to when my birthday comes around!

Good wishes, take care and stay safe,

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Last month a choir member carried out our first sung greeting, to mark a birthday, using our new Ring and Sing service. Apparently it was enjoyed by both the recipient of the good wishes, and the singer. Well done to our brave first singer, it takes courage to sing alone into a telephone, to what could be an unknown U3A member. Feel free to request a greeting if you’d like it, or know someone who would, there is an email form for requests below (we would need to know a date, reason for the celebration, any greeting you would like conveyed, the recipient’s telephone number, and your ‘phone number would be helpful, for speed in case of queries). We would give the name of the sender with a greeting. It appears our celebrations may be quiet affairs for a while longer, so a friendly voice with a happy greeting could be welcome.

If choir members would like to practise something from our repertoire we have at least one very suitable song for the season, Autumn Leaves. We haven’t done it recently (for a long time before the lockdown) so perhaps we could all have a go. We can think of each other as we make plenty of noise singing alone. Take care, and we’ll see each other when we can. Nothing lasts forever, even if it begins to feel a little like it.

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