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Not So Grumpies Visit Toyota Plant

16 NSGOMs had a very interesting visit to the Toyota plant at Burnaston on Tuesday 3rd October.

After coffee there was an initial briefing and introduction before we donned hard hat, safety spectacles and an earpiece connected to a receiver.
Boarding a ‘little train’ our party then proceeded to travel through the Press and Paint shops where the use of robotic machinery was an amazing sight. There was a commentary on what was happening and our final destination was the assembly plant where everything was fitted to the completed body shell by humans (known as members in Toyota speak) with impressive skill and speed. A question and answer session ended the visit after which we in true U3A style adjourned for lunch.

Many thanks to John Berrill for organising all aspects of this great day out, however the lack of grumpiness was somewhat disappointing…

The photographs are of the group in the reception area and Dave Insley with a light snack.

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NSGOM At the Races

In August, inspired by the Marx Brothers and Queen, the Not So Grumpies decided on a day at the races. On arrival at Nottingham Racecourse, we were welcomed by a course official and directed to the Centenary Bar (for its commanding view of the course!), where we began studying the form of the fine stallions and fillies lined up for us, prior to having our lunch of fish and chips. We then proceeded to the Paddock, where there was a collection of old nags and donkeys present, many of which are shown in this photograph.

In true Grumpy style, we searched high and low before deciding on the most appropriate bookmaker (also shown on the photo) with whom to make our fortunes. There followed a most enjoyable and increasingly merry afternoon, during which no-one lost their shirt (although given the various sartorial preferences on show, that might have been a blessing!). We then returned home via bus and tram, continuing our celebrations along the way.

Fairly Grumpy David Jackson

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Not So Grumpies Get Competitive!

On May 23rd, the Not So Grumpies continued the motor sport theme with a trip to Amen Corner to brave the chequered flag on the Go-kart track.
Prior to the 2 heats, members were given a safety briefing stating that individuals were only in competition with themselves. Little did the instructor realise the competitive and cutthroat nature of the participants!

From the start it was a hard fought and adrenalin-fuelled battle, with members forcing each other wide on corners, cutting each other off, and occasionally nudging other karts off course – just like they normally drive on the road!

The exultant winners of each heat (John Saunders aka Damien Hell, and Mark Jackson aka Tricky Louder) are shown below with 3rd placed David (where’s the clutch?) Insley .
Following the event, the race debrief was held at the White Hart, where suitable rehydrating medication was also administered to the exhausted participants.

Next Month: Tuesday June 27th Par 3 Pitch and Putt Golf at Selston

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NSGOM Trip to Donington Park

April saw the ‘Not So Grumpies’ visiting Donington Park to follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Tazio Nuvolari, Stirling Moss, Nigel Mansell and Jenson Button.

We first had an interesting tour around both the Wheatcroft Collection of Military Vehicles and the Grand Prix Collection, before getting down to the order of the day. The victorious driver of the day and his pitstop crew posed for the attached winning team photo, before moving on to the Nabb Inn to continue their celebrations prior to returning home.

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Not So Grumpies visit to Newark

NSGOM Trip to the National Civil War Centre, Newark

In March, the Not So Grumpies visited Newark, breakfasting in an historic building prior to proceeding to the National Civil War Museum, from which our expeditionary force stepped back in time to Newark in the 1640’s. After a fascinating insight to the life and challenges of that period, we returned to the present day, first stopping off to visit with T.E Lawrence (of Arabia) in the Middle East during the First World War. During our time travels we discovered a collection of old relics and a number of long-lost ancestors, some of which are shown on the attached pics. As the final pic clearly shows, some members could scarcely contain their excitement. On reaching the present day, we continued our historical research along the Civil War Ale Trail (who could guess there would be such a thing!), before returning home.

Sheik Bin Francis and his Harem

Musketeer Saunders hits the town with Goodwife Newton

Musketeer Francis cunningly disguised as a Cavalier


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