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Winter/Spring National U3A Events Programme

Events Programme Spring 2016

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World U3A News

Out of 16 items in the January 2016 Signpost Newsletter there are at least 3 that may be of interest to you.

Language Learning Groups
Possibly the simplest and most effective website for language learning. The site can be accessed by laptop, tablet or smart phone at any convenient time. There are 14 languages at beginners level or advanced.

Needlework/Knitting Groups
Lots of free knitting patterns available as pdf downloads plus the TIPNUT website – a wonderful collection of craft projects, patterns and tutorials, all of them free.

History Groups
This excellent website contains contains BBC videos of Nelsons flagship Victory and a one hour programme about the discovery, raising and current investigation of Henry Eighths flagship HMS Mary Rose. This is also available on Youtube This website also has some excellent podcasts of a more academic nature.

In Book Groups recommended is “The better Angels of our nature”. in which Professor Stephen Pinker gives you an historical perspective on how bad the world was in the past and how levels of violence dropped over many centuries . It is claimed that this is one of the most important books of the decade. Obviously applies to times before World Wars 1 & 2 and ISIS.

All these itmes can be found by reading the pages of SIGNPOST which itself can be found by entering and clicking on SIGNPOST. Look to the right and see Hucknall U3A’s entry on the World Scene whislt you are there.

Submitted by Alan Snape

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Request for Secretary


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World U3A

World U3A

The U3A Signpost for November 2014 (issue 166) is now on line from the World U3A Service. To see it visit
In the bigger picture find information on the U3A activities in Queensland and an invitation to the U3A Pacific International Conference in Brisbane, Australia (28th/29th May 2015) – News on Discovering Britain for all walking groups (including ours) – Learn Japanese on line(Nihongo) – Freecycle information – plus information for all those members interested in Art History and all History groups.

The World U3A – think further afield than Hucknall Market Place – The U3A is worldwide.
For more on this contact our information officer Alan on 07940146542

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U3A National and Worldwide Activities

Are you really interested in the U3A and would like to learn more about the world wide activities of our organisation then take a look at our U3A Signpost Newsletter issued by the World U3A Service. Apply to receive this newsletter every month by contacting for a monthly online copy.

Articles this month on Ormskirk U3A Theatre Groups panto written and produced by their own members; lifelong learning skills appertaining to Dementia; the U3A’s role in climate change; info on Adventure Activities in downtown Chepstow. Also connect up with GEMS (U3A online from Australia)

For info on all the above visit World U3A’s website at and whilst there click on MYU3A and read about your own Hucknall U3A group. Should you want further info on this please contact our information officer Alan Snape 07940146542.

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